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This contagion campaign for Chanel was created to commemorate their 100 years anniversary.

The campaign starts off when influencers receive a blank invitation, which has to be sprayed in order to reveal the message. They are asked to post it on their instagram and tell their followers to watch Chanel’s new micro-series on HBO Max.

The series is meant to describe the indescribableness of Chanel, by asking linguists to make up a new word to describe each sense (sight, smell, touch, sound and taste) in relation to the brand. Sadly, the winners are never announced on the show since the words are sacred and will be revealed later.

Watchers of the show are encouraged to play a mini-game on the microsite, and if they are able to complete it, they will receive a code that will reveal a personalized trip for them to visit the new Chanel museum. In this museum, the dictionary with the five new words to describe Chanel is presented to the exclusive few that follow the brand.

This campaign is accompanied by magazine ads, point of sales ads and instagram posts.

Art Direction: María Jesús Santana & Carlos Bernal
Copywriting: Cooper Bowman
Photography: Sarah Monick