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National Alliance on Mental Health

This is an awareness campaign created to shine a light on a very real issue: Social media can be very detrimental to mental health, causing anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and even addition.

NAMI posted on their instagram the reasons why people should join the #WhyIDeleted challenge, and celebrities who endorse mental health such as Jameela Jamil decided to join in on the challenge, by posting a single image which states the reasons why she decided to delete. We also created an interactive billboard inspired by Neil Mendoza’s “Anti-Vanity Mirror”, a mirror which moves when someone tries to look at themselves. We challenged people to take a selfie in this mirror, only to be surprised by the message underneath once the mirror moves.
Art Direction: María Jesús Santana
Copywriting: María Jesús Santana
Studies: National Alliance on Mental Health